Ruban Bleu with KMB JET2802

  • width: 
    180 mm
  • height: 
    190 mm
  • length: 
    900 mm
  • weight: 
    1.800 Kg

Manufacturer: KMB

Order number: RUB1


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Product information "Ruban Bleu with KMB JET2802"

The french record boat was designed to bring the Blue Ribbon for the fastest atlantic crossing to France.

recommended motors:

  • KMB 700 9,6V BB Neodym

Product Contents::

  • Hull and superstructure made of epoxy/glassfibre with gelcoat (white)
  • 1x KMB JET2802 (not installed)

RUBAN BLEU = französich
BLUE RIBAND = UK englisch
BLUE RIBBON = US englisch


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Maßstab 1:30
hull height 900 mm
hull width 180 mm
hull height 190 mm
hull weight ca. 900 g